Bossa Nova Daydreams

Bossa Nova Daydreamin’
February 1, 2009, 12:18 pm
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I started off with the blog “Bossa Nova Divas”—which I still have plans to continue, time permitting—but since I’ve been straying off the subject too often, I thought it would be better to put together a different blog that is more general to Bossa Nova. So this new blog, Bossa Nova Daydreams, is my place to post about whatever happens to interest me in the sphere of  Bossa Nova music. My main focus lately has been on translating classic Bossa Nova lyrics from Portuguese into English. In making the new English versions, I am trying to stay as true to the original meaning as I can, while still maintaining a similar kind of rhyme scheme. Not an easy task! Look for more translations in the coming months.


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