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New English version of “O Nosso Amor”

Today I offer a new translation of the Jobim/Vinicius classic “O Nosso Amor”, which translates as “Our Love”. My favorite version of this song is on the classic Elenco release “MPB-4”–which is both the name of the group and the album. There is also a lovely rendition by Joao Gilberto. I’m not aware of any other English version of this song, so I hope my version will suffice. It’s nice and short, unlike some of the others I’m currently taking on–“Samba da Pergunta” and “Tem Do”–which I’ll try to offer one fine day.

Our Love
(O Nosso Amor)

Here’s how our love is going to be:
just me for you, just you for me.
This sadness is not welcome anymore.
I will bring you happiness.
I will want to live in peace
It’s what destiny tells me.

(Da Capo)
Here’s how our love…

— English version by Matthew Marth,
based on the original Portuguese version,
entitled “O Nosso Amor” by
Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes



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Gotta love these songs. Here’s my attempt at a translation:

Oooh our love it’s plain to see,
I’m meant for you and you for me

Our sorrows, oh I just want them all to cease
I will fill your life with joy
And I want to live in peace
So, my fortune tells me this:

Oooh our love it’s plain to see,
I’m meant for you and you for me

Comment by Leonard

Hi Leonard,
I like your version of O Nosso Amor–actually better than my own. I think your translation has a more vernacular register, which suits the spirit of the music better. Mine is bit stiff in that regard. I especially like the first verse. Kudos!

Comment by Matthew

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