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“The Question Samba” brought to life

Today is an exciting milestone for Bossa Nova Daydreams and for my project to create English versions of classic bossa nova and samba songs. That’s because one of our bossa companheiros, Eric, has just shared a video he made of himself performing my English version of Samba da Pergunta (a.k.a. Astronauta) by Pingarilho and Marcos Vasconcelos, which I’ve entitled The Question Samba in English. This is the first time that somebody other than me has brought one of my song translations to life–at least it’s the first time I’m aware of. Eric does a beautiful job creating the hushed yet colorful atmosphere the song needs–very true to the bossa nova aesthetic.

Eric sings and plays through the song twice, first in the original Portuguese version, then in my English version. Thanks, Eric, for taking the time to work this up and for sharing it with us! I hope it inspires others to do the same. You can see my English lyrics for this song in my previous post from May 2010: New English version of “Samba da Pergunta”

Here’s Eric performing The Question Samba (Samba da Pergunta or Astronauta in Portuguese):



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Awesome song and chords

Comment by Norman H. storer

My compliments to both of you!

Comment by AD

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