Bossa Nova Daydreams

About “Bossa Nova Daydreams”

I fell in love with Bossa Nova several years ago. I don’t know what spurred it on, but in my younger days I got a cd of João Gilberto’s music and loved it, yet that was a far as it went. I never pursued the style much further.

Then a few years back I found myself at a kind of musical dead end—I couldn’t find the right music to suit me. I felt like I had heard everything, and nothing moved me much anymore. I started trolling for new musical stimuli and came upon several sites featuring out-of-issue classic Samba and Bossa Nova albums—mostly produced and issued in Brazil. It opened up a whole new world to me. The quality of the music and the musicians, the sophistication, the cool vibe, the beauty and the connection to Jazz were the ingredients that made Bossa Nova irresistible to me.

This blog, Bossa Nova Daydreams, is essentially a fan site for the genre. One of my main pet projects—which I share here—is creating new English versions of the lyrics to all my favorite Bossa Nova classics, mainly those which haven’t yet been offered in English before.

So welcome, and please join me in celebrating life and romance through the medium of Brazil’s gorgeous gift to the musical world: Bossa Nova.


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