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The author and editor of Bossa Nova Daydreams is Matthew Marth. If you would like to contact Matthew directly (rather than posting a comment on the blog) please send an e-mail to:


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Hi Leonard,
OK, I’ll give it a try!

Comment by Eric

I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I’m thrilled to see someone else loves these same songs and make an earnest effort to bring out faithful lyrics. I’ve been writing my own translations to use a mnemonics to learn the original Portuguese. I’ve posted a couple of them as replies to your earlier posts and was hoping to discuss more.

As for Eric’s request, I actually have my own effort at a Doralice English version I’m posting here for your consideration:


Doralice, my dear won’t you listen
Love is an illusion, a foolish farce
I would rather that you left me lonesome
And I’ll keep playing my wailing guitar

Doralice my dear won’t you listen
Look at this big mess because of us, I fear
What now my love! Doralice, my dear
We’re in a fix, where do we go from here?

One lovely day like a sweet dream you appeared
I tried to wake up but found that you were still here
I felt so good but my instincts gave me a warning
And then I had, to my dismay, this dreadful feeling
I may not want to but I’ll be joining a wedding
I am not yet ready and my knees are really shaking, Doralice!
Now you will have to tell me my sweet dear
We’re in a fix, where do we go from here?

Comment by Leonard

I know this song musically, but haven’t explored the text, so I’ll leave it to Eric to give feedback.

Comment by Matthew

Hi Matt,
How are you? Any on-going project?
I was looking for an English version of Doralice on the net, to no avail ! What about it? It is very nice, like a breeze, soft and refreshing. I like this version for example:

Comment by eric

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